Our Family Album 2





GQ puppy relaxing with new owner!


Josh and 9week old GQ/Angel puppy, Yeager


GQ son "Barney" roughing it! 
Owners: the McGee Family
Ch. GQ X Angel puppy.."Trooper" enjoying his new home in Florida!" 

GV Bull with friend Esther Farrow at the Grand Victor Party


Two 12 week old Ch. Nathan puppies relaxing in the shade


Twelve week old Ch. Nathan puppy

GQ son Yeager all grown up!
Owners the Heldt Family


GV Bull son Ch. JDM Yankee of Tanglewood.. 


Raja living it up on Long Island


Ch. GQ puppy "Yeager" pictured at 6mos of age


Ch. Nathan son, Sage, enjoying a day at work!"


GV Bull son, Tag with his kids, Andrew, Michael and Kaci

"Hickoryhills Sharky of Bihari waiting for breakfast!"


Ch. GQ puppy Fonz in Alaska

10 month old "Rip", a GV Bull son with his friend Fletch and mom, Alicia

Ch. Nathan/ Sel. Ch. Brick House son "Sage" 
pictured at 7 mos.   Owner: the Scroggin's family, Arkansas

"Twelve week old "Cisco" ( Ch. Nathan X Ch. Sassy) owned by the Ormsby's from Kentucky.